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Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Give Thanks

Today did not go so great. Frustrations piled up one by one and I believe I just “lost” it.  I said things I wish I had not. I did things that I should not, my mood totally bad and messed up the way it should never happen. Did you ever have a day like that?

To combat that mood, I started thinking of all the things I am thankful to God for and all the blessings he has given us.  I am glad that God forgives us when we turn back to him and repent.

We need to give thanks for the earth God created and gave to us. Thank you for the mountain’s majesty, the sea’s vastness, the exquisite beauty we find all around.

He took infinite care to create the earth, the oceans, the fish in them, and the animals that we love so much.
We thank him for the people he made for us.  Thank you for our families even when they exasperate us, betray us, or hurt us the same way we often do to God.

Thank you for the newborn baby’s cry and the hope for tomorrow.

Thank you for loving us when we don’t deserve it. Thank you for the sacrifice you made on the cross.  Though you never sinned, you died for sinners. Thank you for making Heaven and promising your followers a place there.

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