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Thursday, April 19, 2012

God Rocks

As a volunteer in a non-profit thrift store, I sort and process donated items.  In the pocket of a woman’s jacket, I found 80 cents, a paper clip, and a rock.  I put the money in the donation jar, saved the paper clip, and tossed the rock but wish I had saved it.

I wondered why someone would be toting a rock.  A few days later I watched “The Secret” on a DVR in my computer.  I realized that the rock was probably a “gratitude rock.”  You were supposed to find a special rock and carry it with you everywhere in purse or pocket. When you touched it, you were supposed to give thanks for all your blessings. 

People rely on so many things for good luck and great fortune.  The woman who owned the coat relied on the Secret.  Others rely on:

Fortune Telling

It is fun and exciting to visit a seer or fortuneteller who predicts your future.  They answer questions such as will you marry, how many children will you have, will you inherit a fortune, and other life mysteries.  Several well-known psychics work on popular TV shows or radio programs and reach millions of people.

Ouija Board

Many people have an eerie ouija board story of their own.  It too predicts the future by spelling out words with a plantar. Many speak of weird happenings when playing this game. It opens up corridors for evil to enter the lives of the players.


These are attempts to talk to deceased loved ones through a medium who tries to feel out the audience with open-end questions.  When someone responds positively, grandpa suddenly shows up with raps, taps, and ghostly wavering and tells the seeker about the money hidden in the walls, or whatever.

The truth

God knows you best.  He knows the number of your days and the keys to happiness and success in life.  Put your trust in Him when trouble threatens, circumstances change, and life becomes chaotic, as it always does sooner or later. 

Trust Him in all things, pray (talk to God), and show your gratitude. If a stone helps you remember to do that, then it is good. Put Him in charge of your future, past, and present and He will take you places you never thought possible.

God rocks and He wants to hear from YOU!

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