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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Remember Daddy

My dad was quite a character.  He was a mining engineer, meaning that we moved a lot.  There was always a fabulous gold mine beyond the hill, lead and zinc begging him to dig it out of the earth, and Spanish loot or buried treasure to find in his spare time.  When he came home with a sparkle in his eye and toting a hunk of rock, we just started packing.  We knew we were moving and he always took his family with him.

He often told us stories.  He regaled us with tales of four legged snakes, monkeys in the zoo, ferocious lions stalking around and many others.  You probably never knew that zoo monkeys eat pancakes with syrup on Sunday. His vivid imagination and intelligence help set off a spark of creativity in my life.

He was always around doing the best he could for my mom and us until he disappeared from our lives when I was 12.  There was no more time to ask questions, say I love you,” or even tell him goodbye.

What about your father?

Father’s Day gives us a chance to reflect on our fathers and show our appreciation. If he has departed this earth, it is a good day to tell stories of old times, look through the photo albums and reminisce, and keep his memory alive in our children and grandchildren.

If your father is alive there is still time. Ask him the stories of his life.  Make peace with him if you need to do that.  Forgive him or ask him to forgive you. Tell him of your love and appreciation.  God, in the Bible, tells us to honor our parents.

To all dads

Happy Father’s Day and thanks to fathers everywhere.  Have a happy day. You mean so much to your children, no matter their age.  “A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”   Knights of Pythagoras


  1. This is a very lovely tribute to your father and all the other fathers out there. Thank you for sharing your memory of him.

  2. Oh how lovely. His story about zoos and pancakes is a wonderful, sweet memory. Thanks for this post for us.

  3. Beautiful. I like the pic of you sitting on your daddy's lap, with you asking him all the possible questions that would spring up in your little mind.

    I miss my daddy. I haven't seen him in over two years, since he and mom live miles away from me - across the oceans. Hopefully in two weeks I should be able to meet him again on my trip there. Father's Day reminds me of who I am because of the way my dad shaped the course of events for our lives. I will forever be grateful for my dad. A priceless gift from God.