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Friday, June 29, 2012

Is God Searching For You?

 When I was around eleven years old, or so, we stayed on the property of a friend who did lapidary work.  She went on rock hunting expeditions and found raw rock that held lovely surprises inside.  With the tap of a hammer, she revealed a rough stone that was not beautiful yet.

  Formed millions of years ago, these gems waited for her experienced hand to turn them into something extraordinary. Before my fascinated eyes, she freed them from the past and made them into something new and beautiful.   With tools such as slicers, saws, buffers, and tumblers she shaped and polished them to their true beauty.

She then made them into jewelry: pins, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, each one of a kind.  People came from long distances to see and buy her wares.

In the same way, God seeks us and calls our name.  When we turn to Him and acknowledge Him, he hones and polishes us to the perfection possible for us.

He makes us into a new creation who will spend eternity with Him. Each of us is a beautiful jewel in God’s collection.

Is God searching for you?  Listen carefully and you may hear His voice.  He wants to free the jewel inside of you and let your brilliance and beauty shine forth.  He wants to bring you to Himself to hold for eternity.  It is up to you as He never forces anyone to come to Him.  He wants you to come now, just as you are.  Are you ready?  

Photos from Public Domain

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