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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gunfire in Colorado

What could be more innocent than going to a movie theater to watch a new thriller?  A lot of people went to the midnight screening of  "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado. Shots rang out and killed 12 moviegoers and injured 60 or so more, some critically. Those shot included men, women, and children, even a baby. 

A deranged man (not going to give his name; his victims are more important) imagined himself as the villain of the Batman movie, the Joker.  He dyed his hair bright red and amassed an awesome arsenal of explosives, guns, and other weapons.


Century 16 at Town Center at Aurora

He also rigged his apartment to make it a killing ground for police conducting a search.  Then he told them about it.  Whether this indicated a change of heart or a crazed mind is yet to be determined.

The scariest part of this whole scenario is that any of us may be victimized.  We do not know the secret life of anyone else or how they plan to carry out their devious fantasies.  That puts us all at risk. 

Yes, the news is mostly bad.  It grows more horrific as the years pass.  Crimes grow more bizarre and escalate in violence and senselessness.  The good news is that God is always there, ready to provide your every need, and never let you down the way people often will. 
Armed with that knowledge, we can reach out to others among our family and friends to comfort and calm them.  We need to let them know we love them. Some ways are to hug your children every day, take time to send a note, or email, make a phone call, or set up a time to do something together.

Who do you need to spend time with, get to know better, or just tell them of the hope you have for a better day?  Now is a good time, they may not be here tomorrow. 

In the photo, President Obama spends time comforting a victim and family members.  All photos are courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

Photos from Wikipedia

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