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Saturday, July 21, 2012

In the Garden

I think God loves gardens.  He planted the first garden and called it Eden.  When he made the man and woman, he appointed them as the first gardeners.

Working in a garden brings us closer to the creator.  Digging in the earth, planting seeds, and coaxing the green things to grow strikes a chord in all of us.  I think we love it because we were made in His image and he loves it.

 Planting seeds reminds me of the Bible passages about a sower of seeds.  Matthew 13in the Bible tells a parable that Jesus spoke to a crowd.
He said that some seeds fall on the wayside. Some fell on rocky ground but could not get a good hold on the earth and were scorched by the sun.  Others fell in thorns that choked them. The seed that had good soil made the seeds grow and bring forth good fruit.

 I think He was not just talking about gardens.  We can plan our lives on the same basis.  Most of us go astray at some point and many are scorched by life.  We all find difficulty along the way, thorns ready to poke us on all sides.  When we finally find the good soil, we start bringing forth fruit in our lives.

Through it all, God provides us with indescribable beauty in all his creations to remind us of his presence and love for us.  When you can, get outside and enjoy the beauty of the park, a garden, or the flowers and tomatoes in the corner of your yard.  Don't forget to show God your gratitude and appreciation for all the good things He made.

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  1. It's like I always say, all the world is a garden and that makes all of us flowers in God's giant flower patch. Thanks for the mention. :-)

  2. Lovely post every thing started with man in the garden and it was beautiful, I can just imagine how lovely it looked..and one day we will all see just how precious and lovely our eyes will behold it.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment. I just followed you on email.