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Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Israel and the US are Linked

If you start doing research into the links between the US and Israel, we find many surprising similarities.  These two nations share twin destinies.

Religious freedom.

From America’s earliest origins, its destiny has been intertwined with Israel’s. The Puritans looked for religious freedom and the founders of America provided it. Israel and the US had a covenant with God.

Hedge of Protection

God blessed both nations with a hedge of protection built around them. The hedge cannot be broken as long as the people acknowledge God in all things and put Him first. If the people repeatedly anger God and start worshipping idols of any kind, the blessing will be removed.

In Israel, many are throwing out ancient mores such as the Ten Commandments.  America is kicking God out of everywhere and everything. Some mock Him openly.  We see bare spots in the hedge.  How long before it disappears? 

Promised land

The Jews looked upon the land of Israel as the Promised Land of God.  He led them out of Egypt and after many years of scattered groups living all over the world guided them to the one nation of Israel.

 New Americans considered their adopted land as God’s Promised Land that He led them to, just as He had the Israelites.  

The United States of America, in Hebrew, means The Covenant Lands of America. The founding fathers thought that the national seal of America should show the Israelites crossing the Red Sea while Pharaoh’s Army drowned.  They even discussed making Hebrew the official language.

These are but a few of the many reasons that the US and Israel carry strong links to each other.

Praying Hands from Wikimedia Commons

ROSSELLI, Cosimo -Crossing of the Red Sea from Wikimedia Commons
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