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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do you have Hope?

Wednesday noontime found Edna serving food to students in a local school lunchroom.  She served with her typical cheery attitude.  She loved the children and they loved her. Suddenly, she suffered a massive heart attack and died. Just like that, she was gone.

That afternoon, as the news of her death began circulating on the Internet and phone, her friends reeled in stunned disbelief and denial. “How is this possible?” they asked. Some thought for a few seconds that it must be a dismal joke.

We rejoiced as the evils of this world ended for her and said our goodbyes to her. Most of the church family told her they would see her later, as they held the hope of seeing her again.

We know, that we know, that we know where Edna will be for eternity.  At some point, she made a decision to follow Christ and gain entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven to live with Him there forever. She will reunite with her two children who left this earth ahead of her, and other relatives gone to the ages.

She will not experience sadness, despair, pain, illness, or death.

Do you have this hope?

Many people do not have this hope.  They heard the salvation message and rejected it. They face God’s judgment, a fearful thing not to be trifled with by anyone.  Others currently reject the good news but it is not too late for them. They can say yes to Jesus and begin a new life in him.

Edna went quickly. People die suddenly every day, every hour.  There may be no time to decide to accept Christ as death looms near.  However, you can make that decision now. You can let Christ fill you with eternal hope.  You can say yes now.

What do you choose?  Do you want the eternal life with God or do you choose judgment and eternal death?

Image-Edna, my friend.

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