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Saturday, March 30, 2013

He was Thinking of You

The other night, I heard a radio talk show host put out the question of why Jesus was killed.  He hinted that He hinted that He committed an ancient version of “suicide by cop.”  The Son of God could have saved Himself.  He did not, so He must be a common -criminal like the two thieves who shared the same fate.

Clearly the guy misunderstood.  Jesus was in control. The Universe waited to hear Him command, the angels to come to smite his tormentors and rescue Him, order the sticks and stones to pelt them to death, or call wild animals to kill His captors and free Him
He did not do any of those things.  He willingly gave his life as an act of love for mankind. It was His father’s will and though the cup was heavy, he lifted it up.

He went to His death and they put Him in a borrowed tomb.  On the third day, they found the stone in front of the tomb rolled away and the tomb empty.  Jesus overcame the sting of death, the death that results from the sting of sin that started in the garden.

He sacrificed Himself but when they whipped Him, He thought of you. When he   hung on the cross with nail pierced hands and feet, He thought of you. When they slashed Him with a sword, He thought of you.  This is love, to sacrifice your life for someone else.

He died because He loves you. All you need to do to receive that love is to reach out and ask for it. He is waiting and thinking of you.  Ask Him in now.  Happy Easter!!

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