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Saturday, April 6, 2013

We Come Broken

People often say that they don’t want to go to church because it is full of hypocrites. Well guess what! Christians are not better than other people. Everyone is born with free will and a sinful nature. We all make mistakes.

Even people who physically followed Christ here on earth were far from perfect. They had ordinary occupations, fishermen, tax collector, and mostly unschooled men except for Luke, a doctor and historian.  Judas betrayed Him and Thomas doubted Him.

As Christians we gather together to worship and fellowship with each other.    We bring our human problems, fears, and doubts just like the people on the outside looking in and judging. We have trouble letting go of the past even as we experience a new beginning in our walk with Christ.

A Christian’s only claim to fame is that Christ laid down His life for him. We are the forgiven, the imperfect, and the ones who want a deeper relationship with the person Himself.

He calls and we come. Broken and battered by life’s battles we run to Him, weary and forlorn.     He transforms and restores us, but we often backslide down a slippery slope. No, Christians are not perfect but seekers of truth just like the non-Christian.

We found our truth in Jesus Christ.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  We are made perfect in Him, not in ourselves. Do you hear Him calling you? 

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