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Friday, October 4, 2013

Plug in to Power

The other day, I panicked. I started up my rusty computer and could not get anything. Visions of viruses drive eating Trojans, and spiders danced in my head. I yelled to my son to help. He is my live-in computer guru.

He tried it, but nothing. He dived under the desk and started playing with plugs and connections. Suddenly, the screen sprang into life. The box was not quite plugged in he told me. “You can’t get power unless you are plugged in to it.”

I started thinking about that in connection to God. Why do we so often feel that God is distant, not listening, and even uninterested? We feel that we are alone but He promised to never forsake or leave us.  Perhaps, we are not plugged in to His power.

Like the unplugged computer box, we have trouble accessing the good things inside.

We need to plug in with prayer, which is only talking to God, telling Him of our concerns, fears, and wishes. We also need to intercede on behalf of family and friends. We need to delve into the Word, using it in daily life. We need to tell others about God, as I try to do on this blog.

If any of these links goes missing, the connection is loose or broken and we do not get the power that we need. Plug in today.

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