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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opposition-The Trouble With My Blog

 Writing a blog sounds like a simple thing.  Almost anyone can do it.  Thousands of blog entries dot the pages of the Net everyday.  Some write Christian blogs such as mine.  I started one and that is when the trouble began.  I do not know if it is Satanic opposition, but it feels like it.


I started the blog.  I got one entry posted and then my computer crashed.  I owned the computer for over ten years.  The printer worked well with it.  I put photos on and ran a slide show with my personal pictures.  My trusty desktop ran Windows XP I loved it.
One day it kept clicking on and off.  Then it refused to start. I wanted to write another blog post and felt angry and frustrated.


My old friend was dead, so I hooked up a little Notebook running Windows 7.  I found it not compatible with my printer.  Photo posting became a mystery.  Everything I tried came out as thin lines signifying nothing.  It often froze and the cursor bounced more than a ping-pong ball. 

I tried to register the blog on catalogs and found I needed a Meta tag. I hounded my writing friends (thanks Mike W. and all) for a magic formula.  It eluded me and I still can’t find what I need for the tag.

Word crash

I tried to use Google Documents to write the blog.  I found that the processor lacked a grammar and spell checker.  I bought a disc for a word processor that I used to crank out a couple more blogs.

It crashed, went on strike. I cried from frustration and rage.  Then, I prayed and reminded God that I am writing this blog for His glory.

It started working again.


If I needed further proof, today was it.  I wrote and saved most of this post. Then, my processor malfunctioned and I lost all of it.  I had to start over.  God’s word is unstoppable. People and events suppress it for a while but it always breaks free.

The Bible tells us “Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evildoer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound.” 2nd Timothy 2.9 (KJV)

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