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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets

As a few of you know, I make some extra cash cleaning a church. I battle cobwebs, dust, sanitize the rest restrooms and kitchen, vacuum, mop, and remove the trash.  

The church looked clean. 

Saturday, the pastor and his wife brought over a new vacuum cleaner.  Anna is a nifty little cleaner with eyes, a wide smile, and really long nose, which is the hose. It has a HEPA filter as big as it is. Dust checks in but does not check out.

The small brushes and accessories allow one to get up close and personal with the dirt, mold, and pollen that often got missed.                     

I found myriads of dust, stirred up mold, and disturbed wee bits of detritus hidden in secret little spots the old vacuum could not get near.  You can’t see those dirty little secrets normally. They become visible only from a personal, invasive view

Many people in the church suffer from allergies and a few have asthma or other breathing problems.  The unseen dirt and mold affect us even when it is invisible, even when it looks clean.

Isn’t that the way with people, too? Many hide dirty little secrets.  No one can tell by looking at them.  They look fine, just as the church did.

Like the allergens in hidden places, our secrets affect us even though no one knows about them. They color our relationships, cloud our friendships, and destroy trust as they eat away at our souls

God sees our dirty little sinful secrets, and He loves us anyway. He wants us to clean up our acts by first realizing how they affect us.  He wants us to confess these faults to him and repent so we can walk in fellowship with Him.

Search your heart.  Do you carry around dirty little secrets?  God knows but tell Him about it anyway. Start a renewed relationship today.

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