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Sunday, January 6, 2013

It is Time to Depend on God

Happy New Year!

A man holds hostages in his apartment in Colorado. He kills two men and a woman before the police shoot him.  A man breaks into a school and shoots innocent children and their caretakers.  Scenes like this become more common. The whole world appears crazier every passing day as incidents rise and the sanctity of life decreases. Mayhem rules.

Worldwide, the economy tanks more every day.  Riots break out around the globe. Food shortages become more common. The government of the US becomes more unpredictable and less responsible every day.

Seniors, and the disabled, scramble to find a way to live as their income drops and costs of everything else rise.

Our society becomes more godless than ever before. Religion becomes a joke and atheists ridicule God followers as naive, uneducated, and mentally deficient.

This same God that the intellectual thinkers decry as no longer relevant is the same God that we need to depend on in the coming days of chaos and disorder. The same yesterday, today, and forever, he meets every need if we put him first.  He comforts, consoles, and encourages.

We cannot trust our own feelings, our own inner resources, or the government now or in the future.  Trust in God always.

Ask and He will reveal Himself to you in some way.  Everyone finds Him in a different way: perhaps alone in a room, in a church, on a mountaintop, or while cleaning the restroom.  He is everywhere. 

Look for Him and when you find Him, trust in Him.  Read the Bible, His inspired word.  Praise Him for his goodness. Tell Him your problems.Listen for answers. 

When a tragedy or disaster rocks our world, the answer is only a prayer away. When the government fails us, God is still there. It is time to find our strength in Him.

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