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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Is this what God Intended for the World?

At night, I often listen to “Coast to Coast” on the radio. The other night, it ran a “Somewhere in Time” program (rerun). The host talked about the horrendous news events of the day. He also spoke of his agnostic view of the world.

He had a problem believing that a real God would permit such things to happen. He said that if God were real, He would prevent these unspeakable occurrences.

He read them off one at a time.

  • One little girl got mad at another little girl and stabbed her in the back with a kitchen knife, killing her.
  •  A mother threw her baby out the window. She did not bother to open the window.
  • Two young men broke into a mortuary. They stole some equipment like computers and other electronics.  Before they left, they violated some of the bodies.
The host asked if that is what God intended for the world. 

We could ask that question about the news of any day. Today, we hear about someone who drove his car down a beach boardwalk, killing, injuring, and terrorizing. A chaotic scene filled the TV screen.  Something happens every day to challenge our faith.

The Trouble with People

Why is the world enveloped with such chaos and senseless crimes? There are a couple of reasons and they are not God’s fault.

  • He gave people free will to do as they please.
  •  People have a sinful nature because of the fall in the garden.

I think God gave us free will because he wants us to make a choice whether or not we will follow Him, if we will love Him. Everyone wants love but no one wants love that is forced and phony.

God’s Plan

God knew that free will leads to sinful behavior. Pride causes people to do desperate things to get ahead, to be superior, to be greater than any other. Greed, lust, and other sinful drives cause much misery in the world.

God had a plan to overcome man’s sinful ways. He sent His son into the world to sacrifice himself to atone for the sins of free will and a fallen world. Those who believed and followed his son and repented of their sins would join Him in eternity.

 When you think of your life, do you repent of the things you have done? Can you believe God’s promises while living in this confused and confusing world?

If you do, profess your belief and join the ranks of those who will someday roam the streets of gold..

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